Monday, March 31, 2008

~A Teaching Perspective~

Okay, before I start, I probably should clarify that I don't wear the glasses OR the scowl to lessons;).

As a student teacher, there are times of fun and happiness, and others of frustration. They are all different. Sometimes students come in, not having practiced enough to remember when it was, and other times when they practice way over the amount they were supposed to. At times, I'm tired, busy, or stressed. However, I have come to realize that every student is special and unique. And, as a Christian, kid-loving, young, teacher that I have a responsibility. Some of the students come to lessons and have no clue about Christianity or the God that I serve. Though it is sad, I may be the only one that will ever be a representation of the great, wonderful God that created the universe. Some of them are adopted, and need affirmation. Maybe parents that don't pay attention to them.....

The door opens and they enter.

Me: Smiles big, hiding a quick yawn; hoping for a good lesson with little problem.... "Hello!"

Student: Smiling quickly and excited about the lesson..... "Hi."

Me: Still smiling.... "Alrighty, let's get started! How was your week?"

Student: "Fine."

Me: "Good! Well, let's go for it! What would you like to start with?"

Student: Names off a random song that they weren't even required to practice....

Me: Readying myself for a long lesson while trying to keep my teaching lectures of 'You need to look at your practice sheet and stick to what's on it.' to myself. "Umm.... Ok..... Begin when you're ready."

Student: Plays song unperfectly with no dynamic, and little counting, but with infectious joy and turns to me with a BIG smile, waiting for my praise and opinion.

And then.... I have a choice. I can either start from the very beginning, giving lectures, making them count, and hounding theyneed to practice more.... OR..... I can praise their good feeling put into the music, and then begin the gentle corrections they need to fix and change. Through it all though, I want to show them the God we serve. I guess I got to thinking about it and just gave a sermon:). But, anyhow, off to do more practicing.... Oh, and I guess I probably shouldn't wear the glasses or the scowl to lessons tomorrow, huh?:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A fun weekend:)

Just posting pictures of my ~FANTASTIC~ weekend in Indiana:). I had SO much fun! Enjoy:)

Do we REALLY have to ride home together?!?!?!;)


Having a blast in the mall


Seth and I before church

:) Pretty much being stupid.... or normal??:)

Don't hurt me??:):):)

I had been waiting all week to do this;)

A1 and A2 in her room

:) Socks...... Don't ask.....