Thursday, August 14, 2008

My 17th Birthday....... Fun times!!!

Wow! After my long, delayed, absence (for which I have no plausible excuse) .... I have returned! :) I had an amazing birthday and so I'll just post some pictures of my FUN FUN FUN week(end)! Enjoy:)
:) 11:00 at night laughing until we cried.... Eating oreos... This is the result:)....

He's so sweet....

"You're a brat.";) (Inside joke.

Can you tell we were TIRED?!?!

:) No comment.

:) That's the "Look"!

Shaving cream paybacks:)

:) After he got me first.....

YES!!! I got silly-stringed!(this would be AFTER my dear, loving father wanted me to fix the headlight.....:)

Brush, brush!


We had a blast playing Pit!!!

Can you tell:)?! Too much Starbucks!!!